Best Budget City Escapes in Europe

For travelers on a budget, here comes a list of the most affordable cities in Europe. From the eastern borders of the continent to its western edges, Europe will not necessarily drain your pockets.

Check out these amazing European cities which will suit a shoestring budget and money conscious mind.

8. Lisbon

Lisbon. By McPig Lisbon. By McPig
Vibrant Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and the biggest cultural center in the country, is in fact a fairy tale colorful town sitting on steep hills, where modern touches of sophisticated restaurants and trendy night clubs mix with quaint atmosphere of cobblestone streets winding through the city, old trams, tiny espresso bars and rocking fado clubs. Lisbon is simply a legend. It is also reasonably cheap when compared to cities of similar qualities, such as Rome, Barcelona, Madrid or Athens.
Located on the Atlantic coast, the city is an excellent option for both the beach addicts and city dwellers. Truly, Lisbon is one of the most rewarding capitals in Europe, and one of the most affordable in the Western part of the continent. With delicious freshly ground thick cup of espresso costing €0.50, super tasty local beer for just €2, cheap public transport and affordable hostel prices, you could enjoy Lisbon even when on a shoestring budget.

7. Riga

Riga. By Desmond Kavanagh Riga. By Desmond Kavanagh
Riga, the capital of tiny Latvia, is the biggest and most vibrant city in the Baltic region. Often called, the "Paris of the East", Riga is a truly beautiful and fantastic city that combines medieval architecture, relaxed atmosphere and modern developments.
Fortunately, the prices are not Parisian and they would rather be closer to Berlin's and Lisbon's daily traveling costs. Many visitors expect the Latvian capital to be ultra cheap, though. In fact, it is more expensive than other Eastern European capitals as its currency, the Lat, is pegged to the Euro. Still, you can easily get by on €30 a day.

6. Berlin

 Berlin. By Aguno Berlin. By Aguno
It sounds a bit unreal that Berlin, the capital of Europe's financial centre, Germany, may be cheap but, honestly, the city is the most affordable metropolis in Western Europe, with prices being nowhere close to the costs of living and travelling in Paris, London or Moscow. You can eat, sleep, get around the town and party on a budget and the quality of all services is amazingly high for the price.
In many ways Berlin is so different from other German cities that tend to be well-organized, wealthy, neat and, as a result, dull. On the contrary, the German capital is everything but boring. Its clubbing, fashion, art and design scenes are worldwide known and acclaimed, and the city's laid-back atmosphere, ultra friendly locals and low cost of living will make you want to stay longer.

5. Prague

Prague. By aha42 Prague. By aha42
Despite Prague's enormous popularity, this fabulous charming capital of Czech Republic remains affordable. In terms of attractiveness the city is put in the same league as Paris or Vienna, but, thanks God, the prices are lower. The trick is to avoid the typical tourists traps where prices are lifted beyond reasonable grounds and venture the back streets of the city where locals dine, drink and party for much less.
As long as you stay out the Irish pubs, a pint of beer will cost you around €1.5, hostel accommodation is between €10 and €15, and you will also pay around €15 for a nice restaurant meal. In search of budget Prague, do not hesitate to spend a bit more and visit the city's fantastic restaurants, splendid castle and amazing historical centre filled with superb architectural jewels. It is also worth it.

4. Budapest

Budapest. By hettie gm Budapest's bath. By hettie gm
Another amazing and bargain destination in Europe is Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is not as cheap as it used to be a couple of years ago, but you can still easily get by on between €30 and €40 a day without too much sacrifice. The city will amaze you with its baroque architecture, excellent museums, beautiful settings by the romantic Danube River, energetic nightlife, cheap food and wine of premium quality.
Budapest is the city to go now - the country, though entered the European Union structures in 2004, is still not in Euro zone so it is still much cheaper than their Euro-zone neighbours - Slovakia, Austria or Slovenia. Oh, yeah, and don't leave the city without trying a bath in one of the numerous thermal spa centers - not without reason the city is called the Spa Capital of the World.

3. Wroclaw

Wroclaw. By smif Wroclaw. By smif
Just a few hours away from Berlin, Wroclaw is another city destination where the package of good prices and great city ambience is guaranteed. While the capital of Poland, Warsaw, scares away tourists with high prices and Krakow is becoming overcrowded, Wroclaw enjoys both affordable costs of living and greets visitors with lots of fantastic verve, unforgettable vibe and undiscovered spots. Asking less than €2 for a pint, around €10 for a hostel and another €10 for a decent meal with a drink, Wroclaw is a splendid option for travelers who are short on money.

2. Vilnius

Vilnius. By aggrrh! Vilnius. By aggrrh!
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a cheaper version of Riga with a charm, magical ambience and vibe that could be addictive. The historical old town, declared Europe's largest baroque center by UNESCO, fairy-tale cobblestone streets, gorgeous people, and fantastic atmosphere make Vilnius one of the most interesting cities in the area.
No wonder the city was chosen the European Capital of Culture in 2009. To live up to this remarkable role, the city was renovated, many buildings and monuments were restored and the city's face became even prettier and more appealing. The prices are similar to those in Poland and the country also does not have Euro, so it's better to hurry up and head for Vilnius before it enters the Euro zone.

1. Lviv

Lviv. By Panoramas Lviv. By Panoramas
Another European best-kept city secret is Lviv. This charming city, located in the western part of Ukraine, is the cheapest option among the cities mention above, and truly a rewarding destination. As the country is not part of the European Union, the prices remain low and affordable even for the most budget-conscious visitor. A room in the hostels will cost you as little as €10 and local beer in a bar is around €1. Of course, Lviv is worth a visit not only because of its low prices. The city will amaze you with exceptional architecture (its centre being listed a Unesco World Heritage site), fabulous local markets and restaurants, bucolic surroundings and one of a kind atmosphere.

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