World's Best All-In-One Destinations

No time or money to venture the world far and wide? Can't decide whether to go for a Caribbean-style beach vacation or explore the treasures of our globe's cultural heritage? Instead of sacrifying some of the options, you can go to only one country and have it all: exotic white sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, bucolic landscapes and great cities filled with superb monuments, great cultural offer and bustling night life.
Check out our selection of world's best all-in-one destinations.


Côte d'Azur. By CHRIS23 Côte d'Azur. By CHRIS23
France is one of these particularly lucky beggars that can boast of everything the perfect travel destination is associated with. Let's start with Paris, which is, no matter if you love it or hate it, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The number of cozy cafes, superb restaurants, world renowned clubs, museums, theaters and galleries and other tourist attractions is uncountable and there are little chances you will be leaving the city disappointed.
No matter if you go north or south, winter or summer, France is a land of a thousand opportunities. A balmy breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, white beaches, and chic resorts of Nice and St. Tropez are the option for sunbath lovers. The wild and beautiful Corsica adds some 1000 km of coastline to the summer package and the western beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are home to some of the world's best surfing spots.

The Louvre Museum in Paris. By Christopher Chan The Louvre Museum in Paris. By Christopher Chan
The picture of an ideal all-in-one destination would not be complete without the majestic French Alps with hundreds of kilometers of ski tracks and hiking trails, charming historical towns and hidden villages. Last but not least, the world's most appreciated wine accompanied by the world's best food, sampled in stunning vineyards of Burgundy or Boulogne is the icing on the cake.
Winter in the French Alps. By Huzhead Winter in the French Alps. By Huzhead


Peruvian girl. By dachalan Peruvian girl. By dachalan
Peru is an all-inclusive package. The stunning Andes, beautiful coast, outstanding historical sites, legendary Inca ruins, vibrant cities, colonial towns, excellent cuisine and lush rainforest make the country one of the most rewarding destinations on the globe.
If culture is your priority, Peru is the place to be. Nowhere else will you find such an array of fascinating sites from Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Cuzco- the ancient capital, Huancavelica, the colonial town filled with churches to folklore, religious and guinea pig festivals.
Andes. By mtchm Andes. By mtchm
If you come for beach life, Peruvian coast will not disappoint you, either. The absolutely fantastic stretch of white beaches, sunny weather, fantastic sea food restaurants, bargain accommodation and bustling night life of coastal resorts make Peru an excellent destination for beach addicts. And then there are the Andes. Superb hiking, trekking and other mountain possibilities plus jaw-dropping vistas, unconquered peaks raising at 6,000 m above the sea level, green valleys and azure lakes make Peru's highlands an ideal place for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

Surfing in Peru. By quiquemendizabal Surfing in Peru. By quiquemendizabal


Nishihama Beach. Okinawa. By ippei + janine Nishihama Beach. Okinawa. By ippei + janine
There's much more to Japan than busy fast and vibrant cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Japan is a place of thousand faces and images, from one of the world's oldest historical sites dotting the entire country to exotic islands, tropical jungle and splendid mountains.
Among the country's most amazing natural wonders is the Okinawa Islands, part of the Ryūkyū islands, an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, which is the birthplace of karate and other forms of Japanese material arts. This highly spiritual place of unique traditions is also one of the country's best vacation spots of turquoise crystal waters, golden beaches, coral reefs and exotic nature that could be compared to tropical islands of South East Asia and the Philippines.
Kyoto. By syvwich Kyoto. By syvwich
The historical heart of Japan, Kyoto, filled with hundreds of beautiful shrines, temples and gardens, is the tip of the iceberg of Japanese cultural treasures. One could spent months on discovering the rich and fascinating heritage of Japan's traditions, ancient sites, historical towns and villages such as Nara, Nikko or Takayama.
Given the fact that 80% of Japan's territory is covered by mountains, the country is a paradise for highlands' lovers. Be it skiing world's best slopes, or hiking unspoiled trails of Japanese ranges, Japan is a four seasons destination for outdoor addicts.
 Odaiba. By Sprengben Odaiba. By Sprengben


A view of Barcelona from the terrace of the Park Güell. By MorBCN A view of Barcelona from the terrace of the Park Güell. By MorBCN
Spain, hmmm...? Golden beaches? Yes! Historical sites? Yes! World's best nightlife? Yes! Spain is another European destination particularly blessed with splendid sites and attractions from fascinating ancient cities to outstanding coast and impressive highlands.
In the north, there are massive beautiful Pyrenees, dotted with extraordinary number of waterfalls, which are an excellent sports destination both winter and summer. Apparently, Spain is the second most mountainous country on the continent, so the number of excellent ski resorts and hiking trails may surpass your expectations.
By Jule Berlin By Jule Berlin
The mild climate of the Mediterranean coast is the main tourist magnet for holiday-makers and avid sunbathers. With such jewels as Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Grenada, Malaga and Cadiz, Spain is also the world's most interesting destination in terms of culture, history and art.
The Atlantic Ocean coast filled with never-ending white beaches and remote and unspoiled resorts is an option for those looking for less-travelled destinations.
Andalucía is a place to go, if you want to discover a "real" Spain of siesta, unbelievable hot summers, warm winters, flamenco, monumental architecture decorated with tiles, orange and olive groves, and world's best fish. Spain is and always will be one of the most rewarding destinations - so the fact that it is the second most visited country in the world after France is hardly a surprise.
Costa de la Luz. By wwwmanuelgracia Costa de la Luz. By wwwmanuelgracia


Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. By Daniel Peckham Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. By Daniel Peckham
7,500 km of coast, home to the world's highest mountains, melting pot of religions, languages and nationalities, India is the most multidimensional country on earth.
Among the country's most stunning destinations is West Bengal, home to Darjeeling hill station, famed for its tea plantations. Surrounded by lush hills and impressive Himalayas, the district is also filled with sites from churches to Hindu and Buddhist temples.
If you feel like a beach life for a moment, you should head for Goa, the tropical charming summer destination that has it all: azure waters, long sandy beaches, slender palm trees and laid-back atmosphere.
Inside the temple. By Claude Renault Inside the temple. By Claude Renault
The sacred city of Varanasi, ancient ruins of Hampi, mysterious Ajanta Caves, iconic Taj Mahal, are some of the most impressive historical sites on the globe, that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.
India, the country of scents and colors, home to 1.2 billion people, the state of extremes where poverty mixes with splendor of modern Mumbai's developments, is truly all-in-one destination that, without doubt, is one of the world's most fascinating places to travel to.
Hampi. By premasagar Hampi. By premasagar


 In Tulum. By Gret at Lorenz e una combattente In Tulum. By Gret at Lorenz e una combattente
If beach-style vacation is your type of thing, Mexico is the right place for you. If you enjoy the city life, you will find it here. Culture is also right at your fingertips in this state of long history, unique traditions and enormous heritage.
In terms of nature, Mexico, the world's 14th largest country, has everything the traveler's heart could possibly desire. From Acapulco's surfing and snorkeling spots on the Pacific coast, to Cancun, the popular beach destination on the Yucatan peninsula, the Mexican coastline is heaven for sun bathers and water sports enthusiasts.
Guanajuato. By conejoazul Guanajuato. By conejoazul
In Mexico City, you will find superb restaurants, excellent clubs, great museums and hundreds of other attractions. Guadalajara is home to Mexico's best known traditions: tequila, mariachi music and charros, while Monterrey will surprise you with first-class cultural offer from the Museum of Mexican History to the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art.
The country is also home to world's renowned ruins of the Aztec, Mayan, and the Olmec cultures and fantastic colonial towns and villages. The majestic pyramids of Teotihuacán, Merida's old town, ruins of La Ruta Puuc, or Chichén Itzá are only a few examples of hundreds of Mexican fascinating sites.
No wonder, tourism is such a large industry in Mexico. With over 20 million visitors per year, the country is the tenth most visited destination in the world.
Chichen Itza. By Mananetwork Chichen Itza. By Mananetwork

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