Splendid Beaches in California

With its incredible diversity and splendid coastline, California is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every single spot along the coast has its own distinguishing attractions and flavor so selecting the best California beach for yourself is like choosing the perfect flavor of ice cream. With 1100 miles of shoreline beaches, California can certainly please all beach goers' tastes.

The Sonoma Coast State Beach

Sonoma Coast State Beach Sonoma Coast State Beach. By Troy Holden

The Sonoma Coast State Beach is one of the most magical beaches on the West Coast. It is ten miles away from the Bodega Bay and known for fantastically clean water. Furthermore, it catches the attention of around four hundred bird species. You can see osprey between January to September, gray whales between January to April and seal pups between the months of April and June.

Santa Cruz's beaches

Natural Bridges Natural Bridges. By the_tahoe_guy

The Santa Cruz beaches can be the best choice to enjoy a fabulous vacation since they are cited as one of the best beaches in California. You will enjoy a variety of fun experiences, one of which could be awesome train rides through the woods. Santa Cruz has around thirty miles of beaches. In fact, it is enough to make swimmers, kids, beach buffs, surfers, and sailboarders more than happy. If you're not into water fun then go for a long walk and enjoy your summer season.

Pismo Beach

Pismo North Pismo North. By Mimi Ditchie

Pismo Beach is yet another famous beach in California. It is in the heart of the wine country, so it's just a stone's throw from gorgeous Cambria, Santa Maria and Luis Obispo. Pismo has twenty three miles of beaches and is particularly popular among families. When you're done with surfing, swimming and fishing, there's plenty to do in town, including quads, dirt bikes, car shows, and splendid shopping.

Santa Barbara East Beach

East Beach Beach Wreck. By Damian Gadal

Santa Barbara East Beach is one of the loveliest beaches here. However, make sure that you check out the quality of water before going for a dive and stay away from the water during the rainy season. In that case, there are multiple places for dining, shopping and entertainment. Even a small zoo is nearby. Kids will have a great time here.

Malibu's beaches

Schlüsselbein2007 Malibu sunset. By Schlüsselbein2007

Malibu's legendary beaches are not to be missed. Featuring 21 miles of coastline, Malibu's got something for everyone, from all sorts of aquatic activities to great amusement, shopping and dining. Even the media is attracted towards this place, let alone hordes of celebrities who flock to Malibu for their glam vacation experience.

This is just a handful of best beaches in California. They are all among the trendiest vacation spots in the US and guarantee unforgettable memories. According to the recent statistics, 54% of the country's residents live along the 60 miles of beach line, and it's not without reason. Visit these fantastic "sand pits" and enjoy your vacations

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